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Stem 35mm

Stem 35mm

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CNC 6082 T6 Aluminium

Precisely CNC machined in-house from aluminium billet.

Please note that Custom colors can take up to 5 days to process and are not returnable.

Zero-Gap Bar Clamp
Distributes clamping load evenly and allows for an easier set-up.

Anodised Finish
Hard-wearing and extra steezy!

Tested In-House 
By our cSixx test rigs, surpassing commonly used international standards.

Reduced Bar Stress 
Utilises a larger clamping surface with radiused edges to reduce stress concentrations on your bar.

Stainless Steel Hardware 
Keeping your cockpit secure and rust-free.

Harmonised Hardware
All 6 bolts are the same size and use a 4mm Allen key hex head.

Stack Height

Clamp Width 

Steerer Diameter

Fitment Tips 
Ensure the steerer tube is all the way through the stem with a spacer on top.

All the options : 

Bar Diameters 

  • 31.8mm
  • 35mm

  • Lengths

  • 35mm
  • 40mm
  • 44mm
  • 50mm
  • 55mm
  • 60mm

  • Rise 

  • 0°

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